Telegram is a messaging app like whatsapp. You need it because within Telegram we will notify you about new published SAGA apartments.

In our opinion Telegram is better, faster and more secure as whatsapp. And the best: it does not belong to Facebook.

More information about Telegram:

You can get Telegram here:

Following devices are supported: Android, iPhone/iPad, WP as well as Web, macOS, PC/Mac/Linux.

Yes, there is a filter for neighborhoods you are interested in :)

Filter for amount of rooms, costs or square meter may follow!

Strike! Now visit directly the corresponding website and follow the application steps they ask you for.

We are sorry for that, but unfortunately apartments are normally not online for a long period of time. Sometimes they are just online for around half an hour.

Apartment-Ticker gives you the oportunity to apply for apartments like those - You just need to react quick enough to the incoming notifications.

..then just send an email to: We appreciate hearing from you :)